Strengthens the Immune System

The nervous system and immune system are linked.

It’s 67.5 degrees in here.

Let’s say I turn the AC on and we get the temperature down to zero.

If I was in there for a longer period, a couple of hours, maybe longer, maybe shorter, I would probably eventually wind up getting a cold.

The reason is that I would get a cold because my immune system would wear down.

Now, most people don’t understand that the immune system is mediated by the nervous system and the glandular system.

The immune system is under the direct control of the nervous system and chiropractors work with the nerves.

Research has shown us that a simple chiropractic adjustment can boost immune function up to 400%.

It simply happens because, after an adjustment, the body starts to boost white blood counts, the body starts to respire on a different level.

Heart rate typically goes down.

Blood pressure begins to normalize for the first couple hours after an adjustment and the body goes into a healthier state.

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