Chiropractic Testimonials

“I received spinal decompression therapy and regular adjustments. I’m able to work and lift. I was not when I initially came. I don’t have the same discomfort and pain… Dr. Smith went above and beyond for my health…I’ll forever be in his debt.”

- Morgan S.

“Dr. Smith has relieved my back pain and improved my level of energy with consistent care. The attentive and adept way Dr. Smith assesses my present condition, the careful and confident was he makes adjustments, and the special ingredient – his warmth and humor. I am tremendously grateful for the kind and expert support I’ve received over the years. It makes all the difference!”

- Jeff L.

“After my car accident I experienced excruciating back pain that affected my daily activities. Dr. Smith has improved my symptoms tremendously and has improved my posture as well. I am mostly pleased because I was able to identify other health conditions that I was able to tend to with my treatment. This has been a wonderful experience and I would recommend Dr. Smith to anyone experiencing back and spinal issues.”

- Eric M.

“I had unrelenting discomfort; constant neck, back, shoulder, and arm pain. My hand was constantly massaging area behind neck and shoulder blade. Driving was very painful.

My life is normal now! Pain is gone, quality of life is wonderful again. My arm nerve pain is also gone and I’m slowly regaining feeling in my fingers. Dr. Eric and staff are always so nice and pleasant. They are very accommodating and greet me by name. Dr. Eric will answer any questions and address all my concerns. I appreciate that he tracks and adjusts my treatment schedule by how I progress. My quality of life was so bad that I was forced to retire. I was taking the maximum dosage of painkillers, couldn’t find a comfortable position to sleep at night. Physical therapy didn’t work, pain pills didn’t work, ice packs, heating pads, electric massagers, all useless. My daughter recommended Dr. Eric. He was very honest and said my condition was severe, and if he couldn’t help I might have to have surgery and cortisone shots. I turned to Dr. Eric and chiropractic as a last resort. I wish I’d gone as soon as I felt pain. Today I am pain free, and a firm advocate that chiropractic care really works!”

- Nadine I.

“I feel much better after an appointment. One time I came in with a headache and after the adjustment the headache was gone – I had been coughing and hurt my neck. I feel a consistent sense of lightness and relief after an adjustment.”

- Anonymous


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