Prehab Therapy in El Cerrito


At Smith Chiropractic in El Cerrito we understand that the adjustment is the most important part of treatment. We provide our patients with therapeutic exercises specific to their conditions to increase overall health benefit. Our proven “Prehab” therapies help hold and support adjustments so that the spine doesn’t easily fall back into an unhealthy position.

Prescribe Therapies May Include:

Cervical Traction Therapy

This therapy helps re-align scar tissue by creating micro pulls to open up the space between vertebrae in your upper spine. This therapy also increases blood and oxygen supplies to the tissue to speed up the body’s healing response. Every day we’re constantly looking down in front of us, whether during texting or working on a computer. This leads to forward head posture, or “text neck”. Over time Cervical Traction therapy reduces the effects of forward head posture to retrain your cervical curve.

Wobble Chair Therapy

The discs of the spine are prone to not getting enough hydration, movement, or activity to stay healthy and avoid degeneration. Not only does the wobble chair work to break up adhesions, but it also opens up the space between your vertebrae to allow fluid and nutrients to flow between the discs. Wobble chair therapy warms up your discs and ligaments (white tissue) in your lower and middle back. When the discs are warmed up properly, it makes an adjustment easier by removing the elastic effect so your body can hold the adjustment longer.

Deep Muscle Stimulation

The Deep Muscle Stimulator speeds up the healing process by breaking apart and re-aligning scar tissue, which makes your muscles more flexible and efficient. The DMS also helps to reduce pain, increase circulation, increase lymphatic flow by proprioceptive stimulation.

Neuro-Muscular Re-education

Just like your heart beating, posture is a reflex. We are not supposed to consciously think about our posture. Therefore, the only way to change your postural muscles is to retrain your brain to hold your muscles without you thinking about it. Bosu Ball exercises are used to train the cerebellum to improve balance, coordination, and neurologic function. The cerebellum is a part of your brain that controls the involuntary postural muscles which keep you upright. These balancing exercises force your postural reflexes to engage, and correct posture back to its proper position. Over time, repeating this process will retrain your brain and body to remember on its own.

Wall Walking Exercises

Wall walking improves coordination and increases range of motion in the shoulders. Often performed as a part of Neuromuscular Re-Education in unison with Bosu Ball exercises, the addition of fine motor movement further helps to retrain the brain in maintaining proper posture.






Shoulder Wheel Therapy

Shoulder Wheel Therapy improves range of motion in the shoulder by moving the joint in circular movements at varying angles and steady resistance. These exercises strengthen tissues, break up adhesions, and draw increased circulation and nutrients into the joint.


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