Life is Like a Light

Think of your body as a house.

When you bought your first house, chances are you had a few things checked out before you moved in.

You inspected the foundation, the water heater, the plumbing, the electrical system, making sure everything is working before making that purchase.

Your body is kind of like a house too, with different systems such as the nervous system, which starts with the brain and extends through the spine.

Your nerves come out from in between every vertebra and go through all the organs, glands, muscles, and skin. They regulate all of your body’s functions.

What would happen if the two vertebrae were to go out of alignment to the point where they pinched on or compressed a nerve?

That’s like if I turn the light off in this room here, the power goes off.

What we experience here at Smith Chiropractic is a lot of patients coming in with problems that are just that.

They’re not getting in quite enough energy or the right kind of energy, the right kind of focus in the nervous system.

This manifests as things like headaches, neck pain, mid back pain, sciatica.

Even though people don’t think of chiropractic as being a kind of organ and gland doctors, a lot of people come in with organ problems.

They come in with stomach ulcers, particularly ulcers, indigestion, heartburn, and even lower bowel problems respond well to chiropractic care.

If you want to get your lights to turn back on or even evaluated, if you have these kinds of problems, reach out to our office.

Thank you so much.