Helps a Hyperactive and Depressed Mind

I’m a firm believer that life is better when you get what you want.

When you feel good, you look good, when you have your friends and family around you, you’re doing what you want to do, life tends to be pretty good.

Well, how many of you are experiencing that right now?

I know that when I’m distracted and anxious about the day-to-day and I have too many things going on in my life, anxiety builds up and affects perspective to the point where we get stressed and frustrated.

How many of you have experienced this little anxiety while wearing a mask?

Our bodies respond to the stress and the anxiety of the brain.

Most people don’t understand that that happens.

For example, a hyperactive or depressed brain is going to have more thoughts about negativity, about toxins, it’s going to have more difficulty digesting, it’s going to have more difficulty manifesting exercise, and we kind of lose contact with being in control.

Research has shown us that just the Superman posture, chest up, shoulders, back, arms folded over chest, actually increases and boosts confidence by about 25%.

The key thing to understand about this is that health is on your side. If your body has proper alignment of the nervous system, through the nerves that come down through the system your body is going to have the best chance it can to combat all these stresses and strains.

We’ve been correcting those bodies for about 32 years here at Smith Chiropractic in El Cerrito.

Thank you so much.