How to Choose a Chiropractor.

You wanna know a secret?

Not all chiropractic offices are the same. Sometimes bigger is not better.

I would rather see a chiropractor who focuses on quality rather than quantity.

Here in our office, our patients get a treatment card and then come to the main treatment area that I do most of my work. We have three different tables because not every patient is the same. We also have lumbar decompression therapies and different forms of laser therapy.

It all starts with an evaluation. Most new patients are going to start in the exam and x-ray room. This is where we’ll sit down and do a health history.

We’re doing complete examination and we do digital X-rays here at Smith Chiropractic because we want to always see what we’re working on. We also want to see the age of the problem and the gravity of how it might be affecting you.

You want to have a plan that is customized to your needs and customized to what you’re doing. There are some clinics that do same-day adjustments with no clinical history, but we don’t do that, because we specialize in chronic and severe cases as well as serving the needs of our community.