Improves Mobility & Function

Did you know that everything is connected to your body?

The cells that start on the top of your head are literally, intimately connected to all the cells from the top of your head, all the way to the bottom of your feet.

There’s one system that controls and regulates that system; it’s the nervous system. That’s the system that is the body’s control system.

Yet, people don’t understand what the nervous system is or where to find it in their bodies. They do understand muscles, though, because we can see muscles. We look at our muscles all the time.

Most patients will come in, and they’ll say, Doc, I’ve got muscle this and muscle that and muscle this. I’ll say, well, how do you know its muscle, not nerve?

They say it hurts from here in my neck down to my arm. I say, there’s not a muscle that goes from here to your arm, but there are nerves that go from here to there.

Muscles are a lot like rubber bands. There are only two ways to injure them. One is to take a used one and overextend it or take a new one and literally try and break it. It takes a lot of effort to do that, and it’s the same way in the body.

When your body responds to stimuli or when your body responds to adjustments or muscle work or any of those things, your body is going through a natural state of healing, which it’s designed to do.

That’s exactly what the point of adjustments is; it’s to bring that alignment back into place and allow your nervous system to help heal properly.

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