Adjustments Grind & Crack Your Bones?

In my experience, people come in kind of with two things about chiropractic.

One is we get the ones that are like, “I can’t wait for you to crack my back, Doc.

I just really want you to crack my back. I want you to crack my neck. I want you to crack my back, how soon can you crack my back?”

Time out there.

I don’t do cracks. It’s called an adjustment!

Other people come in with a laundry list of problems.

Sometimes they’ll even be holding their neck like this, and they’ll say, “I want you to fix me, but I don’t want you to crack me.

Don’t crack me.”

Do you know what I say? I say fine to both.

The reason why is that adjustments, the point of an adjustment is not to crack, it’s not to make the joints crack, it’s to remain, to put the joint into motion.

Joints go from normal, where they protect the nerves with the little, flashing green light, to misaligned, where they put pressure on the nerves.

We call that subluxation or misalignment.

The adjustment is designed to go back into alignment.

Sometimes those adjustments are done by hand, and there’s a crack sometimes.

Other times we might use an instrument like this, which is a very gentle way of adjusting and doesn’t make any cracks.

We might use funny little blocks, things like this we put under your hips and your pelvis.

These are all ways that you can get a manipulation done, an adjustment done without any cracks or snaps because that’s not the point. It’s a painless process. Usually, most patients enjoy it.