Improves Sleep

This is a corner in my office, and we call it the pillow corner.

Up here, we have pillows for your neck and pillows for you to sit on and we have pillows to put behind your back.

When I find people in this corner of the clinic, what that tells me is that they’re having trouble with sitting, with sleeping, they’re looking for support.

It also tells me that they’re now in the care process here at Smith Chiropractic.

To tell you the truth, these pillows have been here for probably over five years, okay? I buy probably about five or six a year for people. With regular care, the stress tends to leave our bodies.

We’re always discovering is how easy is it to get to sleep or how hard is it to get to sleep and most people who have difficulty with sleeping discover that it’s an area of their body that has discomfort. They can’t get comfortable and it makes sense.

Let’s see if we can get a pillow that’s going to support me so I don’t have that discomfort and I can fall asleep.

Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t work, but guess what? Getting your spine corrected, getting your alignment fixed pretty much works all the time.