Hey Dr. Eric, What Did I do?

Wanna know a secret?

Every day in practice, I have people who come to see me and they say, “Dr. Smith, I woke up this morning and I’ve got this back pain or migraine, etcetera, and I don’t know what I did.”

It may be any number of things, but patients want it to be physical because physical things are things that they can control.

When I tell you the other reason why people’s backs go out and why people become subluxated or misaligned are going to be other stresses.

Usually, it’s actually other stresses. It could be chemical, like the air we breathe and the food we eat.

Another stress could be emotional.

What I mean by emotional is things that we worry about, things that we stress about, things that we get, you know, the emotional state we get into, and we don’t get enough sleep.

The emotional state we all get into where we have unresolved issues that we have to take care of.

Those emotional stresses can create neck pain, tension, headaches, ulcers, migraines, you name it.

After all, how many people do you know that you would qualify as being like a pain in the neck?

Just saying, our relationships are a big issue.

There are three different reasons why people get misaligned.

Sometimes it’s physical, sometimes it’s chemical, sometimes it’s emotional, quite often it’s all three together.

If you’d like to learn more, if you like what you’re hearing here, please give us a call.

Hopefully we’ll see you in the office soon.