Cracking Your Back Is The Same Thing?

You know, to tell you the truth, I’ve seen it all.

People sit in this very room with me about once a week.

I’ll get someone and say, I’ll say, hey, have you ever been adjusted by a chiropractor?

They say, no, I do it myself, and they grab their necks, and they go like that or they thrust themselves against the back of a chair.

My favorite ones are the ones that get in the chair and kind of go and try and get the low back to move.

What they’re suffering from is a lack of understanding that chiropractic and chiropractic adjustments are not about “the crack.” They’re about moving a bone.

Some of the most powerful adjustments in chiropractic make no noise at all. Some of the most powerful techniques in chiropractic use instruments rather than a hand crank or a handed snap.

I also want to put this in perspective, too, for folks because think about it:

Let’s say you have a cavity, would you try and fix that yourself? No!

Would you try, like, a home surgery? Get my jackknife? No!

It probably wouldn’t go that way.

The big question is, why do you feel the need to do that? What’s the difference between what we call in the industry is self-manipulation and a chiropractic adjustment?

The answer is specificity because when a chiropractor is working with you, we’re working based on exam findings, X-ray findings, and a lot of experience.

We’re working on key joints and if I have to see someone three times a day, and I keep popping the same joint three and four times a day, which is what a lot of the self manipulators do, I’m not serving anybody, and that’s not building on care.

Adjustments should last. If not, you can kind of become, because of the self-manipulation, or what we refer to as a “crack addict.”