Acid Reflux Relief

Sometimes there’s like a fire after we eat something too spicy.

People talk about that all the time.

They talk about acid reflux, and they even have fancy names for it, like GERD and things like that.

Acid reflux is like when the stomach kind of burps up a little bit of acid into what’s called the esophagus, the tube that the food goes down.

When that happens, it gives you a lot of pain and a lot of discomfort.

The trouble is that nobody really knows what to do with it.

So people take a ton of medication, like a gazillion medications out there, going all the way up to prescription medications.

A lot of things have been not taken off the prescription basis, which is an interesting thing because people were self-diagnosing and self-treating with these things.

But here’s the thing.

Nobody asked the simple questions.

Why is the stomach more acidic?

Why is the stomach so hot?

Why is the stomach so fiery?

Well, to understand what creates the acid in the stomach, you have to understand a little bit of anatomy.

You got a brain up here.

You have a spinal cord coming down here.

The nerve that goes to the stomach comes from the neck, literally right here, it’s called the vagus nerve.

Vagus means to wander in Latin.

So the vagus nerve wanders, and they go straight to the stomach.

So do you think it’s a stretch there that a misalignment, particularly at the base of the skull, what’s called a cervical vertebra or the first vertebra, could create some reflux or create the situation where the stomach is not functioning properly?

This is something that I see every day in practice, every single day.

What we do in chiropractic is we correct those misalignments, allowing the nerve to have normal function, which in turn allows the stomach to have nerval function because the nerves control everything, including yourself.