What If It Gets Worse?

We get phone calls from people who want to know if we can fix it.

I understand that because nobody wants to be hurt, nobody wants to be injured.

People get tired of taking drugs and medication because they aren’t working. How many Advil can you take before you realize the headache is not going away?

I understand that, but there’s a bigger question everyone should ask.

The question that I ask my patients when they come in.

Sometimes it’s not a matter of whether or not things can get corrected because 99% of the time they can.

You just need to see the right type of doctor.

The more important question is what happens if it gets worse?

That’s the key because if you can already have enough pain, already have enough dysfunction and it’s affecting your life to the point where you’re watching videos like this.

Well, what’s going to happen if you’re 30% is all of a sudden, 40% or even 50%?