Helps Calm A Hyperactive Mind & Energizes A Depressed Mind

I’m a firm believer that life is better when you get what you want.

When you’re surrounded by your friends, with family, you’re doing things that you enjoy, it’s generally a good time.

Unfortunately, we all, particularly nowadays, understand what it’s like to be distracted by kind of the obnoxious day-to-day.

Every day, I see my patients, and some of them confide in me that they’re having trouble with feelings of helplessness, feelings of anxiety, feelings of like, when is this whole situation going to change?

There’s all this stuff that just keeps piled up, piled up, piled up, over and over and over on us.

What I’ve seen that that does is it creates a lot of mood swings in people, and it creates a lot of stress and anxiety.

Our body doesn’t respond to that just psychologically, our body responds to that physiologically.

Physiology is the study of how the body works, so when we say something is responding physiologically, it means that’s how it works.

Well, when you sit and you’re depressed, you kind of cave in on yourself, and your body doesn’t have a chance to move.

Researchers have actually discovered that the classic Superman pose, Man of Steel flying through the air is actually documented to boost confidence and actually improve immunity.

So posture is related to health.

Alignment is related to health.

Physiology is related to health.

All these things have to combine the right way.

A lot of times, our bodies just get out of sync.

Physiology is not quite working with the posture and vice versa.

What adjustments do is they help the body get back into what it was designed to do, which is to function properly.

The body should be 100% symptom-free.

We in chiropractic have been advocating that for over 130 or so years now.