The Only Truly Drug-Free Path To Health & Wellness

Do you ever notice how some things just irritate the bejesus out of you– like if your shoes are so tight, too tight, or maybe like the label in your shirt is pushing up against your hair the wrong.

These things tend to get under our skin.

The reason why they tend to get under our skin is that they’re symptoms.

Now, if I was to tell you like, hey, you got a label.

It’s rubbing against the back of your head.

It’s giving you a rash back there.

I got this nifty drug that’s going to get rid of all that pain and discomfort, you’d say, well, great.

Give me some.

So I take the drug.

Four hours later, two hours later, one day later.

The label is still there.

It came back.

It’s still irritating me.

The question is, the drug did its job.

It made you forget about the label for two or three hours, or about the headaches, or the back pain, or the arm pain, or the hand numbness, or the low back pain, or sciatica, or the digestive problems, or the lung problems.

It made you forget about those things for a short time.

But when the drug wore off, the symptoms came back.

There’s a big difference between correcting the cause of something and correcting the symptoms of something.

If you have a pinched nerve, say in your upper vertebrae here causing headaches here, which is incredibly common, or you have a pinched nerve causing carpal tunnel syndrome or pain going down your arms, do you want to take another label, another medication, a Motrin, anaprasin, or do you want to get things corrected with the proper adjustment?