Improves Infants’ Health & Wellness

I wanted to introduce you to some people that are all grown up now.

My oldest (Owen) is now about to be 30 years, Hannah’s about 26, and Emory is 22.

The reason why I’m telling you this is that all of these kids have been under chiropractic care their entire lives. Owen was born with some complications and was adjusted within 30 seconds of the birth process and he went from being a blue baby to being a bright pink baby.

What people don’t understand about kids is that things like colic and acid reflux and fussiness and not nursing are all things are things that the kids are doing to show you that they have problems in the way that their bodies express themselves.

Kids don’t get headaches, kids don’t get low back pain. Kids don’t get neck pain. Instead, they get colic, they get respiratory issues, they get ADD issues, they get asthma, they get all these different things.

I’m not saying that chiropractic can cure or fix all those things, but I’m saying it should be looked at as a possible treatment before you put kids on medication.

We see so many kids that are on so many drugs right now, their little bodies don’t need it. They can grow up healthier without it.

If you have a kid that you’re in charge of and you’re concerned about, let us know, and we’ll see if we can help them out here at Smith Chiropractic.