How Chiropractic Helps With Muscle Relaxation

If I Said To You That One Of The Most Common Things That Chiropractors Deal With Is Muscle Tension, It Might Lead You Down A Certain Road

All of our patients get these three things, usually about their third or fourth visit.

And the reason we give them is that they have muscle spasms.

That’s one of the reasons why they came in.

They don’t know why they have a muscle spasm.

That’s the thing is why.

Now, if I do this, the only way I’m communicating to my muscles, I’m communicating with blunt force.

It’s the equivalent of hitting the muscle.

I can hit hard.

I can hit soft and gentle, but I’m using force to try and get a muscle to calm down.

But what makes the muscle tension in the first place is not the muscle at all.

It’s the nerves.

Up here in the brain, it comes down through the spinal cord, extends out through the body to the organs and tissues, extends to all the muscles, all the skin.

Everything in your body is under the control and regulation of the nervous system that can be dramatically influenced when a vertebra goes out of place and puts pressure on a nerve, which leads to a primary symptom of pain and a secondary symptom of muscle spasm.

So you can rub it, or you can fix the cause.

See you next time.