Decreases The Effects Of Stress

Today, I Want To Talk About The Three T’s

So the three T’s are thoughts, traumas, and toxins.

And the reason we want to talk about those is that people have all sorts of stresses and strains, and they manifest as thoughts, traumas, and toxins in our bodies.

And the stresses we have, we have the economy, we have the politics, we have disease ratio, the COVID, we have all sorts of things.

We have family issues.

We have job issues.

Maybe your shoes are too tight.

There are all sorts of different things that stress us out, but you know what?

They’re supposed to stress you out because part of being human is to be able to overcome simple stresses and thrive.

That’s how we’ve survived and had our way with the planet.

The mechanism that that happens is it usually happens with a thing called the adrenal gland or the adrenal gland.

That’s the little gland that sits on top of your kidneys, and what it controls is it kind of controls how much of your blood is going to organ, gland, and restoration, and how much is going to muscle and strength, what we call fight or flight responses.

And people that are stressed out all the time, their bodies are stuck in flight or fight, which means that they’re always like running from a bear that’s not there or getting chased down by a lion, but it’s not there.

That’s how their bodies feel.

And one of the most amazing things about chiropractic adjustments is when you start to work on those adrenal glands, or you start to work on those areas of the body, stress comes right down.

Entire postures they will go from being all tight to being relaxed and loose, standing upright.