Chiropractic Care Is Dangerous?

I get asked the question, will chiropractic work for me, pretty much every day. Has it ever crossed your mind, will chiropractic work for you?

Oftentimes people think that a crack is a solution.

I have people that come in and they say, doc, I do this to my neck or I do this.

They like to fold over the chairs and make things go crack.

They like to show me how they can self-manipulate, which is what we call chiropractic.

Well, I’m always asking the same question.

If that was doing anything effective for you, how come you have to do it three, four, five, six, eight, nine, ten, twelve times a day? They don’t have an answer.

Just because something pops, all that means is it means the joint has been stretched.

There’s a release of gas particles within the joint capsule, part of the joint, that are released and simultaneously absorbing with a popping sound, just like when you pop your knuckles.

You’re not popping them out of place, and you’re not popping them into place, okay?

You’re simply manipulating the joint.

Cracks are a side effect of movement, and not necessarily the solution.