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Dr. Eric Smith, DC, offers chiropractic pregnancy care to relieve pain and promote healthy delivery for women in the East Bay area of El Cerrito, California.

Pregnancy Care

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Why Do I Need Chiropractic Pregnancy Care?

As the baby grows and the body prepares for birth, the protruding abdomen increases the curve in the back. The pelvic ligaments gradually loosen and the woman's posture adapts in response to these changes. The pelvis can become misaligned and affect the ability to deliver without medical interventions. Spinal alignment also affects the entire nervous system, which can interfere with body functions like digestion and the process of labor. Chiropractic can help prevent or lessen many of these problems.

Are Chiropractic Treatments Safe During Pregnancy?

Drug and surgery-free, chiropractic treatment is both a safe and effective option for women throughout all stages of their pregnancy. In working on pregnant women, chiropractors avoid applying pressure on the abdomen and use adjustable tables to accommodate their expanding bellies. Women suffering certain pregnancy complications, such as vaginal bleeding or premature labor, may be advised not to have chiropractic adjustments and should consult their obstetricians first.

What Are the Benefits of Chiropractic Pregnancy Care?

In the early stages of pregnancy, chiropractic may be helpful in controlling symptoms of nausea. Correct spinal alignment allows the nervous system to work properly, which can help reduce morning sickness. Chiropractic can help relieve back, neck and joint pain, and keeping a balanced state in the pelvis may help prevent breech birth. As part of chiropractic pregnancy care, the doctor will teach patients exercises that stretch and strengthen muscles, helping to maintain overall health and promote an easier delivery.


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    Dr. Smith is a very genuine and nice person. He helped me to understand a lot for an hour for my problems that other doctors couldn't explain to me for weeks."

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